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Seaglex Web Information Management (WebIM) Solutions help companies to keep track of clients, competition, projects, deals, industry trends, and other information crucial for their decision-making process.

  1. Our software automatically collects news articles, press releases, PDF market reports, and other data from a large number of business, financial, and industry-specific publications, and then archives them on a departmental or corporate server. Average hard disk space required is 5GB/year, which means that an any modern PC can hold years of data. Since all the content is stored inside your company, articles do not “disappear” even if they are removed from originating publications.

  2. All data sources are industry-specific. Information source selection is driven by industry experts, which ensures high relevancy of collected data and unmatched breadth of coverage.

  3. All incoming content is automatically pre-classified based on industry-specific subjects (for example, real estate content classification includes office/industrial, retail, hospitality, and residential topics) and geographical regions. Alternatively, your company’s analysts can review incoming content and categorize and annotate articles they liked.

  4. Based on your requirements, our powerful query/reporting engine will automatically deliver periodic e-mail updates and Web-based reports on:

    • Most relevant regional/national developments as per automatic/analyst-driven content categorization

    • Industry trends and statistics, market and transactional data

    • Client, competition, project and property updates that can be driven by data stored in databases or spreadsheets

  5. Besides getting scheduled updates as described above, you can also use a very intuitive yet powerful Web-based search engine to query your document archive. This feature allows you to research historical data on companies, prospective clients, industry statistics, and many other subjects from any computer connected to the Internet.

Based on the number of users and deployment options, Seaglex offers Departmental and Enterprise WebIM Solutions. Whereas both editions share backend Windows-based software, the frontend application, xmWeb, is hosted on for the Departmental Edition and inside your corporate Intranet for the Enterprise edition. Here is an overview of available software configurations:

  1. Departmental Edition, base configuration: all article links contained in e-mail updates, Web reports, and search engine results are “live,” that is, they lead to the actual originating publications. Live links will not work if originating publications remove content from the Web. Your product administrator will still be able to access the archived articles via the backend query engine, but other corporate users will not have convenient access to older articles. This least expensive option is ideal for companies that are mostly interested in current events and serves as a good introduction to our product.

  2. Departmental Edition with xmQuery: for users inside your corporate Intranet, all article links will lead to archived content; as a result, these links will never expire. Corporate users accessing their e-mail updates and the search engine from outside the Intranet, such as people working from home offices or remote sites, will be served “live” links as in the first option. The number of users accessing the search engine cannot exceed 10 at any given time.

  3. Enterprise Edition is hosted on a server inside your corporate Intranet and differs from the Departmental Editions in the following key areas:

    • All delivered links lead to archived content for users accessing the data from both inside and outside your corporate Intranet

    • Enterprise Edition provides powerful personalization features that enable delivery of highly customized content for user groups and corporate departments

    • There is no limitation on the number of concurrent search engine users

For more information on Seaglex Departmental and Enterprise WebIM Solutions, please download our white papers:

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