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Seaglex capitalizes on the deficiencies of current information management offerings and delivers turn-key Web Harvesting Solutions that drastically reduce time and effort spent by corporations on locating, integrating, and processing free “open Web” and paid-for content. According to IDC, “if we can develop better ways to utilize unstructured content, we would have a powerful advantage for gaining more knowledge about our businesses and customers than our competitors can muster.” Seaglex solutions make this vision a reality.

Our professional services team develops and deploys custom solutions that integrate data from the Web with your company database or business system. As a result, you can query and process Web-based data just like the information generated within your company.

This functionality is made possible by our revolutionary technologies that convert arbitrary web pages, HTML documents, or entire Internet sites into sources of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-structured data. XML is an accepted industry standard that allows easy integration with existing corporate data stores (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, Informix, Lotus Notes, etc.) and backend business systems, such as those offered by Baan, J.D. Edwards, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, and others. The following diagram illustrates this concept:

Seaglex Direct Web Data Integration

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