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   Development Tools

Based on our proprietary technologies, we have developed a set of tools for systems integrators, technology-savvy vertical market organizations, and software vendors. These tools are also used by Seaglex development and professional services teams for creating and deploying custom vertical market applications.

The key components of our product family are described below.


This key component of our tool suite comprises automation of web site navigations, XML-driven form input and secure login procedures, and structuralization of web pages resulting in XML data extraction. Once navigation, form and login information input, and web page structuralization processes are described via xmEditorís visual tools, resulting navigation scripts and input and output XML schemas are stored in Seaglexís proprietary .xms format. In order to test and fine-tune recorded procedures, xmEditor uses the xmRunTime Engine. xmEditor Design Time Architecture is as follows:


As most applications of our technology involve structuralization and normalization of data across multiple sites/documents, unification and merging of often disparate schemas of these various sources is crucial for processing extracted data. Moreover, for integration with external XML sources, such as backend business systems, it is essential to unify xmEditor-generated schemas with schemas provided by the external data sources.

xmUnifier provides powerful visual schema mapping tools and records resulting unification and merging procedures in its proprietary .uni format. In order to test and fine-tune recorded procedures, xmUnifier uses the xmUnifier RunTime Engine.

  xmRunTime Engine and xmUnifier RunTime Engine

Seaglex RunTime Engines enable unattended execution of scripts generated by xmEditor and xmUnifier. xmRunTime Engine accepts .xms scripts as inputs and generates streams of XML-structured information from Internet or Intranet data sources that correspond to the scripts. xmRunTime Engine is also used for testing and fine-tuning .xms scripts in the xmEditor design environment.

xmUnifier RunTime Engine uses .uni scripts generated by xmUnifier and combines multiple streams of XML data (that are provided by xmRunTime Engine or external XML data sources) into a unified stream of information for further processing. The following diagram illustrates our Runtime Architecture:

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